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About Digital Marketing Course Miami

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Mastery Basic & Advanced Strategies

Implement a real, practical Social Media Marketing Strategy that provides positive Return On Investment (ROI) for Small, Medium and Large businesses, Entrepreneurs, Franchisees, and Local Business owners. Students will be able to immediately apply proprietary formulas such as G.A.S. and C.C.E., along with understanding Social Media M-Levels and how it applies to the implementation of practical Social Media Marketing strategies. Students will learn conventional Social Media tools along with non-conventional but powerful ones!

This Social Media Marketing course in meant for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to effectively market their business and achieve positive Return On Investment (ROI). Whether you have prior experience or not, this course will educate you on practical usage of Social Media Marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. This course is for you if you are looking to grow your business.

You should place a hold on all your Social Media Marketing spending until you take this course. Prepare an Excel spreadsheet and list all of your Social Media Marketing accounts.

Understand why you must start using Social Media Marketing. Participants will learn what is Social Media (SM), Social Book Marking (SB), Blogs, Micro Blogs and how to effectively use Google, Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, PR releases and other social media tools to build a powerful online brand. This is a practical course with real, working Social Media Strategies.


Social Media & Internet Marketing Domination, Success and Increased Profits for Your Business. Practical Social Media Marketing education. Social Media Marketing Outsourcing, consulting, coaching, education & Certification.

Company Overview

New Media, New Marketing, Inc. is a Global Social Media & Internet Marketing Firm established in 2009 focusing on Social Media classes, courses, training, live and online, Social Media Marketing Certification, consulting & coaching.

Manny Sarmiento
Supreme CEO
Manny, aka Social Media Mann is the CEO and Co-Founder of New Media, New Marketing, Inc.
Carmen Lopez
Carmen oversees the day-to-day finance operations of New Media, New Marketing, Inc. (NMx2).

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